Train Your Brains


An engaging training format designed to improve creative problem-solving skills, while building the confidence (and motivation!)  essential for a more innovative thinking

Participants learn to apply proven creativity techniques to their current business problems via series of team-based, competitive brainstorm battles. 

Format perfect for team off-sites,  board retreats, staff lunch ‘n learns, conference break-out or networking events.

Connect the Dots: Strategic Workout 

We elevate your team’s critical thinking skills.

Ideas fail when not grounded in business strategy.  Learning to connect left brain whys to right brain wows  is key to creating  and selling-in solutions that work.

Braintrax training can make your team’s strategic planning less painful and more effective.   And we know how to deliver this cerebral topic in memorable ways that inform and engage.   Appropriate for all experience levels, especially relevant for executives tasked with plan development and approval.   Strategic Workout session might include:

  • Idea Autopsy
  • Elements of Strategic Problem-Solving : Goals, Metrics, Insight, Strategy, Tactics
  • 5 Techniques for developing sound strategy
  • Path from Insight to Innovation
  • Flash Plan demo + competition using relevant business challenge
  • Team-building, laughs and energy that sustains beyond session

Facilitate Like a Pro:  Brainstorm Leadership 

Ability to lead group brainstorming is a handy management skill in any industry. Braintrax teaches easy-to-follow steps and original exercises for fast, fun and organized idea generation.  Learn:

  • Intro to Brain Tracks for generating fresh trains of thought
  • Facilitator role-play and steps for planning/leading/harvesting productive brainstorms
  • Better Brief Writing
  • Creative Ninja circuit training – featuring  unexpected/entertaining group creative challenges
  • Take-home tool box – Facilitators Guide
  • Team-building, laughs and energy that sustains beyond session