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Brain Battle Challenges

Here are some challenges from Battles past.  Try them with your team as jumpstart to reframed thinking.

For true competive play see set-up and rules below.

Name things that come in pairs

Example: goggles, Bartletts (pears), women going to powder room, etc.

Name short things

Example: guy at Subway with $4.99, Shaq compared to NFL goal post, cake with strawberries and whip cream, etc

How else could the prince have searched for cinderella?

Example: Tinder, Command all the kingdom's dry cleaners to report receipt of a blue ballgowns, etc.

Name an animal a reason it's banned from the office

Example: birds could get too angry, fish need to stay in school, monkeys climb corporate ladders too fast, etc.

Name things that are red

Example: emails, the father on "That 70's Show," a riot act, etc.

Name things that grow and causes for the growth

Example: Healthier hair grows from less flat iron use, media interest grows from big lotto jackpots, suspicion grows from weak alibis, etc.

Brain Battle - Competitive Play

You'll need:
  1. Group divided into small teams (2-5 brains each) ; if you don't have enough brains for at least 3 groups, then everyone can compete as individual player
  2. Blank copy paper, pens and black Sharpies for all participants
  3. Designated judge/judging panel - with set of 3 scoring paddles (or signs) for each judge.  Ping pong paddles work great - tape "1" "3" or "5" on each paddle.
  4. Designated facilitator + score keeper
  5. Phone timer set for 7 minutes
  6. Prizes for winning brains!
To Play:
  1. Challenge read aloud - with written copy given to each team
  2. Start timer - teams have 7 min. to generate as many answers to the Battle challenge as possible - go for quantity, but be sure to have some creative responses as well
  3. Teams record and number each answers
  4. When timer rings each team reports their number of responses -- receives 1 point for each response.  Score keeper records.
  5. Teams have 3 minutes to select their 3 most creative/original answers to the challenge. Use sharpie to write each best response on separate peice of paper.
  6. Now for 3 rounds of Brain Battles
    • During each round, Teams present one of their top answers for judging
    • Using the paddles, judges award response a 1, 3 or 5
    • 1 pt = common answer
    • 3 pts = creative answer
    • 5 pts = creative ninja
    • If two teams present the same response - despite creativity - both teams receive only 1 point 
  7.  Scores tallied after each Battle - move on to a new Battle Challenge and repeat process.