Brainstorms: What to Expect

Here's how Braintrax delivers more Return On Ideation:

Step 1:  Brain Dump

We interview you about the business problem that needs solving.

  • We ask a lot of questions.  And love immersing ourselves in your data and decks. We'll also probe your teams' default thinking - what solutions are currently working and why.
  • Depending on your challenge, we'll be interested in target audience insight, brand strategy/messaging and industry competition.
  • The more you share, the more effective we can be in designing the right brainstorm incite for your participants.
  • We can also suggest inexpensive insight hacks.  A favorite:
  • Of course we're happy to sign NDA.

We'll discuss your team dynamics - in terms of possible brainstorm participants.  Plus how and who will be judging solutions.  We want to be sure you have the right brains in the room for solution sell-in.

Output:  Preliminary Brain Brief 

Step 2:  Q'storm

Q'storms are pre-mortems designed to stress-test your B'storm challenge.  Ideally conducted with a small group of your brain trust - who may or may not be participating in the brainstorm.

Unlike our brainstorms, Q'storms are true spitballing sessions - but for good strategic reason.  Using rapid-fire questions and question generation, we are able to compare our problem against other challenges.

Output:  Real Brain Brief

Step 3:  B'storm Build

We translate your business insight to brainstorm incite - a mix of  facilitator talk track and unexpected brain tracks to properly amuse your brains. Our work includes creating:

  • B'storm Brief
  • Participant E-vite
  • Participant Homework
  • Brain Track excercises
  • Idea starters
  • Idea Evaluation Criteria 

Step 4:  Session Facilitation

We'll bring all the tools, toys and supplies.  And never forget the carbs and caffeine.

Step 5:  Brainstorm Harvest

Never judge a brainstorm by the notes.  While your team might be excited with the immediate output - we see unripe ideas in need of strategic harvest. 

  • Our process includes quick debrief - what worked, what didn't, what ideas generated most energy,etc.
  • Using session notes as springboard, we solo-storm your challenge producing additional with raw ideas.
  • We then filter using your established idea criteria, synthesize and simplify.
  • Formal Harvest doc highlighting best solutions delivered within week of brainstorm.