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What's Your Return on Ideation?

You know when you watch a bad movie and think - damn, that's 2 hrs. I'll never get back.  Bet you've felt the same frustration after participating in a bad brainstorm.

Only the stakes are higher.

Braintrax leads brainstorms worth your brains' time:

  • Insistence and process for identifying/testing the right problem to solve
  • Facilitation that inspires and energizes
  • Original exercises that avoid arriving at old ideas
  • Harvest process that polishes output to sell-able concepts

Step 1: Brain Dump

We load up on your business info, insight and the problem tagged for solving...

Step 4: Faciliation

Show time - and we won't disappoint...

Step 2: Q'Storm

Not all B'storm problems are equal. Q'storms are designed to stress-test yours...

Step 5: Harvest

Because b'storm notes are like raw eggs...

Step 3: Design

We choreograph your session - lay tracks to incite creativity and avoid old ideas...



Hmmm, Tell Me More

Sessions can be two-hours, half-day, full-day or longer. Each custom built for the needs of your business, your participants and your challenge.

Subject matter doesn't matter - we've lead brainstorms on topics from burgers to baby toys - quantum computing to cyber security.  And every product, industry, audience segment in between.

Ideal participant size is 8-12 - but we've faciliated much larger groups as well.  We can travel to your office or off-site - or hold your session at Braintrax Studio.


Try IM-storm

Virtual IMstorms are an efficient format for tight schedules and geographically scattered teams.  These silent bursts are facilitated in real-time, with participants submitting ideas via chat box. Works especially well for naming products or theme generation.


Brainstorms Shouldn't Suck

Time, budget or otherwise.  If yours do - let's talk.