Better Brainstorms

Keeping Brainstorms on Track 

We rescue teams from bad brainstorms that waste time and generate the same flat ideas. Each session is choreographed to solve your specific business challenge. Our tools and casual facilitation style sparks novel solutions without eye-rolls or heavy-lifting. Lots of laughs, positive team building and spot-on ideas generated from your organization’s OWN brain trust.

Our sessions can be two-hours, half-day, full-day or more.  Each session is custom built for the needs of your business, your participants and your challenge.

How we get you “there” faster

  1. Refine your destination. We poke hard at your challenge to be sure we are solving the right problem.
  2. Inspect your baggage. We analyze your past solutions, current assumptions and “emotional support” animals to make room for new ideas.
  3. Lay right brain tracks for fresh trains of thought.  Simply put, our facilitation methods get you there, faster.

V’storm B’storm 

When schedules tight and team members scattered, your team might benefit from a  webstorm – series of  10-minute, silent speed-storms delivered via web-ex.  Participants receive V’storm tool box containing personalized idea starters for use during highly-facilitated, but virtual session.

This works especially well for brainstorming names, campaign extensions or channel tactics.


Prefer to lead your own ‘storm?  Braintrax will create a B’storm Box tailored to your specific challenge.  Think of it as Hello Fresh for brainstorms.  Everything YOU need to facilitate an awesome session and spark brighter ideas from your team:

  • Creative Brief
  • Team pre-work assignment
  • Easy-to-follow Session Agenda
  • Three exercises for driving fresh trains of thought
  • Thought-starter ideas for team to expand
  • Idea evaluation criteria

Additional options like creativity toys, visual thinking tools, treats themed to your session.  Post-storm, we can also help synthesize your session notes into bigger ideas or a concept deck for internal presentation.        

Borrow Our Brains

Clients and agencies tap us for unexpected idea starters to jump-start internal thinking.  Give us your challenge – we’ll deliver menu of uncommon ideas, thought-starter board or trigger concepts for team feedback and further idea building.

Our sweet-spot is sales, marketing and brand communication challenges.