Why Braintrax?

Because sometimes your team is brain-stuck from ineffective brainstorming.   We have proven tools, techniques and an environment built for speedy ideation. Plus, a smart eye for big ideas.  We know how to spark collaboration in ways that  assure teams leave brainstorms with idea ownership and buy-in. And that gets you “there” faster.

Do you use the same techniques, tools and tricks in every brainstorm? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Every brainstorm we plan and facilitate is one of a kind. (Like snowflakes, but  cooler.)  Every brain track we lay is engineered for your business challenge.  Every technique, warm-up and energizer is tailored to your group.

What's with the boxes? We love boxes. They help move brands forward. We suspect marketing folks feel they must always think outside them, because they don’t really know how to use them. But we do. Our Inside-the-Box approach takes client challenges inside a warehouse of unusual boxes – inspiring fresh possibilities by thematically confining each piece of your challenge. It works.

What happens if we don't land on the right idea?  Then Braintrax will brainstorm again.  All challenges are Idea-Back-Guaranteed.  Give us the idea back – and we’ll rethink.  But first - trust/have patience with the process.  Never judge a brainstorm by its raw notes.   We run every session output through our    Rainstorm,  Ripen & Harvest  process - creating a doc of presentation-worthy solutions mapping back to your business challenge. 

How many brains should we bring?

Studio accommodates 15-20 comfortably, but 8-12 folks create optimal brainstorm chemistry.

Can I get some Braintrax to-go?  Braintrax delivers wherever and however most convenient for participants including:

  • Our studio - unexpected environment built to spark new thinking
  • Your office   - we can make folks feel like they've left the building
  • V'storm - virtual/web-ex sessions are perfect for teams spread across locations/time zones
  • DIY B'storm Box - give us your challenge, we'll craft the customized tools and step-by-step agenda to help you facilitate like a pro.  Agency favorite!

What if my team is too busy to brainstorm? Stale thinking wastes more time (and money) than making time to get fresh.  Still, we understand tight schedules and deadlines.  With access to the right info, Braintrax will do the heavy lifting and create thought-starter boards and concepts for group feedback and idea building.

But I have an agency!? Great –  bring them to the brainstorm!  Braintrax helps strengthen and re-energize agency-client partnerships. With both parties in the room, we can fast track internal buy-in and slim planning budgets

Agency Hired Gun?   You bet!  Though we like the term "Ghost Thinker."  We help agencies win new biz. We train staff how to think/plan/write more strategically.  We energize at-risk accounts.  And write awesome plans.  Agencies we've worked with include: MBooth, Ketchum, MSL, Catalyst, BRG, LLPR, Everywhere, Text100, Emanate PR, Porter Novelli and more...

Will there be food?  Always. The essential three food groups for brainstorming – Candy, Caffeine & Carbs. And sometimes even adult beverages. Full-day sessions at the Braintrax studio can also include yummy food truck visits on the warehouse loading dock.

Robyn's best idea ever?  Her children, Samantha and Bradley.  And bringing home former Cut Rate Box warehouse cat, Archie