Long Way to Go for a Burger… and Your Idea?

Pearls Before Swine – pb160207comb_ts.tif

My southern roots are likely to blame, but needed Jersey-boy spouse to translate yesterday’s “Pearls Before Swine” comic strip.  How long does it take you to laugh or roll eyes?

Either way, consider the seven wordy frames it takes for anyone to get to the pun-line as reminder to audience-proof complexity of your creative strategy.

Criteria questions:

  • Does your idea require creative energy from your audience for them to understand message or call to action?   Answer Yes, and you likely have the wrong idea.  Creative, but wrong.
  • Can your idea be explained in a short sentence? Or even better – a simple visual?  Answer no and your idea isn’t there yet. Try to simplify those moving parts  

Last two frames are of course puns on Springsteen/Born to Run;  I must have been too busy singing Sweet Home Alabama for those lyrics to register. 

P.S.  No, not embarrassed to admit to reading Sun. comics… and often before I make it to the less colorful NYT biz section!