Built for Brainstorms 

Unexpected surroundings inspire uncommon ideas.  So we created an out-of-the-box thinking space inside a corrugated box company 

A creativity oasis among tens of thousands of stacked boxes, our studio is filled with whimsical art, comfortable seating and fun brainstorm toys.  Much of the eclectic decor was salvaged from the century-old warehouse.

Braintrax is located in Atlanta’s historic west end neighborhood – just minutes from downtown Atlanta.   Second floor of Cut Rate Box , a wholesale distributor of packing and shipping supplies.

Fun Fact:  Cut Rate Box is a third generation, family-owned and operated business, started by Braintrax founder’s great uncle in 1968.    Need boxes?  Braintrax clients of course qualify for friends & family discount!  And bubble wrap is plentiful at all ‘storms.  Popping is a weirdly soothing fidget toy…