The Color Cleanse: Afternoon Energizer

No facilitator likes afternoon brainstorms.

87% chance that participant brains arrive clogged from earlier meetings. Try a Color Cleanse to help ‘stormers clear space for creative play.


You’ll need an assortment of free color chips from home improvement store – ones with multiple color variations on same card. Use sharpie to black-out all the paint color names.

How it Works

Introduce exercise with quick mention of how designers name paint colors to evoke/inspire a certain mood. Distribute one color chip to each brainstormer – have them circle one color. Participants then independently brainstorm 3 new names for their circled color. One name should encourage use for painting a kitchen,  One name should encourage use for painting a man cave, One name should discourage use for painting a nursery.  Favorite color names shared.  A few laughs ensue.

Why it Works

Focuses participant attention on an easy, but very specific creative task – unrelated to what they were thinking about, but also what they will be brainstorming.  It’s a quick win for their brain.  Instills confidence and energy for brainstorm challenge.