What Experiential-Minded Marketers Think While Waiting in Line

Stuck in line and short on phone battery?  Here’s a creative time-passer more enriching than FB trolling.  And you might uncover an unexpected marketing experience for your brand or client.

Start by considering what product/service/experience you are waiting for.  Then ask yourself…

  1. What might make this experience worse for three different people behind you?  For example: Maybe a video loop of country’s top water falls for those waiting in stadium bathroom line? 
  2. What brands are not usually associated with the awaited experience, but relevant to those in queue?
  3. What brands are easily associated with the experience enhancers or killers you just uncovered?
  4. What could a brand do to make this particular wait go away?

Be sure to inconspicuously snap pictures of the experiential marketing opportunities you just brainstormed. And don’t wait too long to act on your idea.

What do you think when waiting in line?