Braintrax is a brainstorm studio

We train corporate brains to become more innovative thinkers and creative problem-solvers.  We can:

  • Facilitate  (wildly productive!) brainstorms to solve business challenges
  • Train teams for faster creative problem-solving
  • Create customized B'storm Boxes so you can facilitate like a pro
  • Generate big ideas for your agency  or internal team to implement


We believe

  • Spit-balling is fun, but (planned) creative problem-solving grows business
  • Gratuitous creativity engages humans not customers
  • Decision makers must be part of the ideation process or you'll never sell it in
  • If you're not brainstorming the right challenge, you'll generate ideas not solutions

Meet Your Facilitator

Braintrax Founder, Robyn Freedman, has twenty years experience leading brainstorms and crafting communications strategy for some of the world's largest consumer, corporate and B2B brands.  (Clients here)

Before Braintrax, she held creative leadership positions at global agencies, coached two Odyssey of the Mind teams to World Finals and appeared on Romper Room.  A trained creative planner, Robyn digs for insight and pokes at convention. She knows how to read a room, steer a conversation and ignite creative collaboration.   Her contagious energy is fueled by iced espresso and a good hair day.   See Robyn's resume here

Robyn scored 99 (out of 100) in a professional  skills test evaluating "Classification" -- the  ability to see relationships between seemingly unrelated events, situations or information. People with high classification skills, also called "inductive reasoning," can quickly synthesize information into insight.  And  identify buried ideas from group discussion.   Perfect DNA for running brainstorms!