We reframe your strategy and stories to find hidden opportunity.

Re-story My Brand


We facilitate wildly productive b'storms, always worth a brain's time.

Ideas That Solve


We improve creative problem-solving; train teams to sell big ideas.

Win More Biz
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Tracks Worth Travel

Travel same tracks - scenary stays same. Works for trains, but not brains tasked with driving your business.

Braintrax reroutes default thinkers. Our tools reframe mindsets, widening view of possibilities. Our facilitation style helps teams see, think and talk about their business differently.  It's all in effort to arrive someplace new.

Game-changing for teams pursuing smarter strategy, better stories and more effective ways to sell & tell.

Perfect for leaders wanting to do more than keep trains running... 

What's a Brain Track?

In train talk - think window seat on a trip to somewhere exciting.

In brain talk - a cognitive reframing exercise that quickly shifts perspective, forcing unexpected train of thought.

It's how Braintrax gets you to fresh faster.

Ideas Worth Thought

Brainstorming is easy. Finding the right problem to solve is hard. Get it wrong and create useless ideas.

At Braintrax we hold Q'storms before B'storms.  Q'storms are facilitated strategy bursts that stress-test brainstorm readiness with two important Qs:

How will my bigger business goal be met solving this problem?  What other challenges could we brainstorm that affect my goal?


Recent Trax

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